Indomitable Christmas

Well, thanks to the infamous “red cup conspiracy” launched by the Illuminati to dismantle Christmas, and all manner of foolishness that followed, we now know that, indeed, the Holidays are upon us. All that’s left is raging crowds of shoppers trampling each other for an additional 25% off otherwise unwanted merchandise and the season will be complete. With sarcasm safely exorcised (for now), let me assure you: Christmas will be just fine. It always will be. In fact, there’s nothing anyone can do to threaten, dismantle, devalue, or otherwise ruin Christmas. Commercialism can’t do it. Materialism can’t do it. Secularism can’t do it. Here’s why: it happened.

You see, a holiday commemorates an event. In the case of Christmas, it is the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph as the incarnation of God with us. And because that historical event cannot be erased, it cannot be undone by whatever lack of “spirit” is in the air at the time. Throughout history, Christmas has been celebrated on battlefields, amongst great poverty, great persecution, great hardship, and great resistance. All that is required to celebrate this holiday is the belief that what it commemorates (the birth of Jesus) actually happened. And when that is settled in your heart, there’s nothing to fear.

This is exactly what makes Christianity good news. Everything we need to be brought near to God has been accomplished…past tense…it happened. Jesus came to us, as one of us, to die for us and give his life to us. Making it real to our life right now is simply a matter of whether or not we believe it. Insisting on particular greetings during one month of the year won’t make a difference. As has always been the case with Jesus – believing him matters; believing him makes all the difference.

So go buy someone a cup of coffee, smile, and for Goodness’ sake, be merry.

Merry Indomitable Christmas, everyone!

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