Our Mission

Gospel Centered. Mission Driven.


We know there are a number of churches in Walla Walla that are faithfully proclaiming the gospel of Jesus…and we champion them. There are, however, way more people in this great city and this beautiful region who live each day completely unaware of the life-transforming love and grace of Jesus; who have no hope and no certainty of a glorious future. We’re here to help change that.

There’s a ton more that could be said about Mission Church than what could ever be written on a web page or even listened to on a single Sunday. So let us highlight two things we’d really like to be known for:

Gospel-Centered: Simply stated, everything is always all about Jesus and his work of redemption. You see, when we give our life to Jesus, He makes us new – the bible calls it born again – and it’s incredible! Finally, everything about us that was turned inward because of sin, is now restored to turn to worship Jesus. He gives us an entirely new identity. We are family, followers, and missionaries according to His unchangeable word.

Mission-Driven: Jesus didn’t redeem us by his precious blood to just sit around and wait for his return. We have been redeemed to be part of the missionary force of God’s gracious kingdom. Because of this, we actively involve ourselves in the planting of new churches around the world who are like-minded. We take personal responsibility to be people who proclaim the good news to those around us in winsome and creative ways. We are intentional about equipping and developing men, women, and kids to be faithful in living out their gospel identities to see the mission accomplished: that all peoples will know Jesus as Savior God.


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