Family, followers, missionaries.


Gospel centered, mission driven.

There's nothing new about God's people gathering together to rejoice and remember the gospel of Jesus.  We are committed to having everything about our Sunday morning orbit around Jesus, his word, and the implications it has for our everyday lives. It's not good's good news, and we'd love for you to hear it.



Our weekly worship gathering is like a family dinner and there’s a place for you at the table. We have people to help you find rooms for kids, restrooms, refreshments, and probably a good idea where to have lunch afterwards.



Our greatest commitment is to really make a big deal about Jesus and His Gospel.  One of the effects of Christ's good news is that it inherently challenges all the other things in our life that we choose instead of Him.  Every Sunday the gospel invites us to turn from sin and temptation and selfishness and set our affections on Jesus again.




We gather because Jesus has effectively redeemed us from our sin and conquered death for us. Even when life is hard, we have cause to rejoice. So be ready to sing and remember His immeasurable gift.


Kid Friendly

Ages 0-5th grade have classes where they are sure to be loved, be safe, have fun, and learn what it means to live according to the good news of Jesus.




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