Light Has Come, Chapter 2

The Light

Key Verse: John 1:9-14
“The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world...”

The true light which will give light is coming into the a most unconventional manner.

The message of the angel to both Mary and Joseph in their separate encounters is exactly the same: God is arriving to break through the darkness that encases humanity and return us to his light. From the very beginning, God knew our only hope to be brought back into the light of his love, to be fully reconciled to his heart, depended on him rescuing us. Humanity is in need of rescue...or more precisely, a Rescuer.

His light reveals the nature and character of God. He passionately pursues us until we are his again. He will do whatever is necessary to get us out of darkness so we can finally see the fullness of his love, the extent of his mercy to our undeserving race.

His light also reveals the true nature of our own hearts – that we are fickle and selfish – prone to wander from him and continue to fabricate our own light. Fortunately, God’s design goes well beyond revealing our hearts to healing them. He pours his life into ours.

Are we afraid or ashamed of what it will reveal in us? If God’s light were impersonal and indifferent and cold, those fears would be justified. But as we will see, God’s light is as warm as it is bright; as comforting as it is revealing. And so, our hearts need to hear the words the angel spoke to both Mary and Joseph, “don’t be afraid.”

A flower blooms in the sunlight. It would be easy to believe the flower simply woke up in the light – that what it needed to be fully alive was inside of it all along. But that is not true. The sunlight actually imparts something into the plant that awakens it. The flower does not have the power to bloom on its own.

Welcome the light of God for it is unlike anything we’ve ever imagined. The a person. A Hero who has come for us that we may never again live in darkness.

Brian Hope